“As a gallerist I have always sold art to make exhibitions, I never made exhibitions to sell art. We need to remember that without artists there would be no art fairs, no sponsors, no collectors, no consultants, no critics, no magazines, no museums, no transport companies, no gala dinners. No Art World. It has felt recently, with the ever increasing push toward the professionalisation of the art world that the least welcome person in the room is the artist. This is to forget that it is the professional duty of the artist to question, ridicule, provoke and cajole. It is unprofessional of an artist to be a corporate patsy. Especially when everybody in the room is getting paid except the artist.”
David Risley in 2018 announcing the closure of his gallery in Copenhagen.

Founded in 2018, Peralta Projects is a garage contemporary art space in Denver’s La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The mission of Peralta Projects is to bring established and emerging contemporary artists of varying and inclusive backgrounds and practices together in conversation with a specific concentration on the human element of the artists and their work.

Peralta Projects believes in community and inclusivity and in bringing people with different degrees of interest in contemporary art together in the spirit of relationship- and community-building.

Peralta Projects does not subscribe to the revenue-based model of curatorial practice.

Peralta Projects is currently on hiatus while we relocate to Austin, Texas. We can be reached at peraltaprojects@gmail.com. ■