theresa_andersonTheresa Anderson
b. 1967 | St. Paul, Minnesota

Lives and works in Denver, CO. She is alum of artist residencies at Redline Denver, PlatteForum, and Vermont Studio Center where she received fellowship funding for her sculpture. Her work centers around concepts dealing with conflict, and/ or, oppositional categories, and recitations on agency and inadequacy. Anderson exhibits nationally and internationally at such venues as the 2013 and 2015 Biennial of the Americas, Neurotitan Berlin, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver Art Museum, Soo Visual Art Center Minneapolis, Pirate Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and Gray Contemporary Houston where she is represented.

blizard_the feorian
Christie Blizard

b. 1979 | Indiana

Lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. Residency at Skowhegan and attended MacDowell and Artpace. Shows include the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, School of Visual Arts, Black Mountain College, Good Morning America, the Roswell UFO Convention, and the Today show. Featured in Hyperallergic, ArtNews, Art in America, and NY Arts Magazine.

02_June 30, 2018
Amber Cobb
b. 1979 | St. Louis, Missouri

Amber Cobb investigates both the primal and sensual nature of sexuality. She begins with the body as a point of departure by gathering materials associated with psychological and physical intimacy. The materials she employs have undeniable and unapologetic flairs of feminine, yet they do not align with traditional norms associated with the domestic. Here the sexualized body has spread to consume. Mattresses, stuffed animals, and bedding go through a process of layering and subtracting. The layers are embedded with hair, skin, and corporeal fluids. The surfaces at once grotesque and decorative notions of abjection and attraction find themselves challenged within the same form. These transformations reconstruct and reshape both the physical object and physiological relationships.

06_June 30, 2018Hector Hernandez
b. 1979 | Laredo, Texas

Hector Hernandez’s current work is an exploration of how form is determined by, and conversely determines, space. His work references the figure, though more recently it has explored similar figure/space relationships utilizing basic geometric shapes. He is interested in the tension that exists between a form such as human legs or cylinders and the space which it both occupies and in which it is contained.

ZMm5Okfge7sdM9ajpYQ5RYsLNM4_oeHxWBX90OECZlOnz5jEXeRxVLGSQdjcVd95cFQlCKMhqQvNMS7ZRKHdwJ-tkDbhxy85FsSRzZ-bmYndRbfSZFN-Gzm-Kkw6Na4ABJm1ucpUColectivo Los Ingrávidos

Colectivo Los Ingrávidos emerges from the necessity to dismantle the audiovisual grammar that the aesthetic of the television and cinematic corporatism used effectively to ensure the dissemination of audiovisual ideology through which it achieves social and perceptual control over the population. The work of the Collective has participated in Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, The Flaherty Film Seminar, Images Festival-Toronto, CROSSROADS 2018 San Francisco Cinematheque, SF Museum of Modern Art, FILMADRID, Ambulante Cine Documental, FicValdivia, DocsDF, IBAFF, CCCB – Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona. Dos veces ganadores del 2 Premio Norberto Griffa a la Creación Audiovisual Latinoamericana en Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento de Argentina, The Marian McMahon Akimbo Award en Images Festival – Toronto, Experimenta India, Bangalore 2017, Experimental film festival Process 2018 Riga, Latvia, Punto de Vista Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Navarra, One Flaming Arrow: Inter-Tribal, Art, Music, & Film Festival – Portland Festival internacional de Cine Lima Independiente, La maudite, Paris Mex-Parismental, VISIONS Montreal, Canada, DOBRA Festival Internacional de cine Experimental – Brasil, MARFICI, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata, Tabor Film Festival, Croacia.

Cruz Ortiz

b. 1972 | Houston, Texas

Thoroughly grounded in the history of art, contemporary art practices, and social-political cultural movements Cruz Ortiz’s unique language fuses classical icons with symbols of contemporary pop culture such as taco trucks and tire shop signage. He has engaged the public with interactive works such as wheat paste murals, communal art events, guerilla AM radio broadcasts, and ephemeral street sculptures. His recent works include field research into the historical frameworks of easel oil painting and its relationship to documenting Texas landscapes while weaving in the regional language juxtapositions of TEX-MEX.

07_June 30, 2018Kristy Perez
b. 1971 | San Antonio, Texas

Kristy Perez toys with suspension and pull as it relates to desire and explores the notion of beauty in relation to volatility.

RamblinRoy-2Roy Smith
b. 1945 | Gunnison, Mississippi

Roy Smith is a long time cowboy, blues musician, miner, civil rights activist, film actor, public speaker, antiques dealer, and hobo. He has traveled the world sharing his stories and art. His home Royville is a continuously evolving art environment populated by hundreds of artworks and structures, located in the San Luis Valley. He has a deep affection for wood, plastic, and metal. He works with the transformations of sun, water, and fire on a profusion of objects, often held together by glue. Smith’s sculpture is ecstatic collage fusing the material of experience into expansive portraits of history.

03_June 30, 2018Dustin Young
b. 1985 | Dumont, Minnesota

Dustin Young reworks emotionally charged images of daily headlines and pop-culture avoiding shock and specificity and turning depictions into mnemonic symbols that stir the mind with associations. His work flows between moments of clarity and confusion by employing a combination of abstracted and figurative drawings. Each drawing reflects the influence of shared memories of Americana that help define an American experience through personal history. ■